Luxury with a Conscience

          Tonight I managed to peel my eyes away from my lingerie designs and found myself in Knightsbridge at the launch of Amrapali’s stunning and bold Zambian emerald collection, PANNA.  I’ve included the colourful invite, thought it was too cute! Anyway, these luxury Indian jewelers produced the collection in collaboration with the ethical gemstone company Gemfields. They are supporting the The World Land Trust by creating a bracelet and donating £100 pounds from the sale of each one to the charity. I’ve heard of the WTL but haven’t had the opportunity to learn more about them, ashamedly, as I am slightly obsessive about the environment and about animals.

     I found that an event of canapés and champagne turned into an unexpectedly inspirational evening when I realized that everyone was in fact truly passionate about this cause and this wasn’t just about selling a product. Diane, who invited me, has been an ambassador of the WLT for sometime and graciously introduced me to this group of dedicated and talented people from the fields of PR, Marketing, Art and Journalism who come together because of the World Land Trust. Having Sir David Attenborough as their patron, the WLT purchases land in order to save acres of threatened wildlife habitats around the world. It was a rare opportunity to see the other side of a usually unscrupulous jewellery industry and meet some of the driving forces that make the WLT such a success. Who said luxury has to come at a price?….well except the one to your wallet.

Emerald and Diamond multi strand necklace, one of the bolder pieces in the collection.

7 Responses to “Luxury with a Conscience”
  1. Maria Šarić says:

    Great blog! I look forward to your next entry. Xxx

  2. Stunning! Welcome to blogdom! Adding you to my links page, posthaste! xx

  3. Great blog! Will follow it! ❤

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