Orschel-Read SS13

      Although womenswear is flooded with an array of choice, menswear options are still far more limited.  Enter London based menswear designer Stefán Orschel-Read. I’ve known Stefán since he first moved to London about 8 years ago. We were both working in a shop in Camden, attending Uni and having fun going out and dressing up in extravagant outfits during Londons art/club scene revival; which echoed that of the Blitz Kid and New Romantic scene of the 80’s.

     Prior to graduating from Central Saint Martins with a degree in Menswear, Stefán was already putting on fashion shows, being featured in numerous publications and his distinctive personal style made him a muse and model for designers and photographers alike. With his avant-garde graduate collection ‘Mourning for Orlando’, inspired by Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando, it was clear Stefán would breathe life back into contemporary menswear fashion. Since then, he has honed his craft by completing an MA at the prestigious Royal College of Art, adorned the likes of Lady Gaga and refined a signature style that’s filled with impeccable tailoring an eye for interesting detail.

     I got to see the new S/S 2013 collection “Lord Paget: Mariposa” up close at the private view on Friday. It featured elegant and wearable pieces with complex pattern cutting, consisting primarily of fine British wools, silks and tweeds. It included paneled suit jackets, knits, coats, shorts and cotton shirts in a mix of bold purple, turquoise and earth tones. A Purple disperse-dye trench coat was my personal favorite piece, as well as a grey suit jacket with a square detail back and paneled front. Here is a gallery of pics from the night and the lookbook so you can see for yourself:

Couldn’t help but add a little flashback, us some years back and us today:

NYC 2006

London 2012



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