Seeing Spots: Louis Vuitton Unveils Yayoi Kusama Collection

Louis Vuitton has unveiled its collaboration with the prolific multi media artist Yayoi Kusama at its flagship store in NYC. Kusama is well known for her dot patterns and much of her work expresses her obsessiveness and fragile psychological state. Louis Vuitton’s Creative Director Marc Jacobs, met Kusama in 2006 and has been a long time fan of hers. According to Louis Vuitton, Jacobs and Kusama started with the inspiration of “obsession and seriality” and the result is a collection of clothes and accessories covered in dots!  The artist even made her entrance in a polka-dotted wheel chair as she waved to fans.  If you’re in NYC you probably won’t miss the outside of their building either!

She is one cool lady and the collection is really exciting, you can view it below.  The Tate’s exhibit of her work recently closed in London and there are retrospectives showing at MOMA and the Whitney Museum in NYC.  Louis Vuitton have dedicated a lovely website especially to her and she even has her own Iphone app.  I’ve included the short video and bio they’ve made:

“Infinity Net” is the artwork that made Yayoi Kusama famous in 1959. Since then, her obsessive, infinite and rhythmic artistic style continues to fascinate the contemporary art world. To depict her story and artwork through time, we have to set out to identify this multifaceted thought and the singular world where dots decline endlessly. Kusama’s unique personality and signature are characterised by a captivating world where subversive fondness for avant-garde is united with an impulsive energy. The image of Kusama as a child in the family nursery is not far from the daring pop artist organizing her famous “happenings” years later. Since her return to Japan in 1973, Yayoi Kusama continues to be considered as an international contemporary art icon. An exceptional collaboration for a visionary Maison that never ceases to innovate.

For info on her and the exhibits:


view the collection


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