What’s so special about Viktoria Modesta?

She’s a rising star in the music industry, she’s a fashion muse, London it girl and you’ll be catching her in a performance at the Paralympic Closing Ceremony on Sunday, but what’s really so special about Viktoria Modesta?   If you don’t already know, allow me to enlighten you.

The first thing you’ll notice about Viktoria is her strikingly beauty and style.  She’s been a popular alternative model gracing the covers of Bizarre and Skintwo magazines, has modelled for many top photographers, had her picture on display in the National Portrait Gallery and worked as a stylist before finally going back to her first love, music; which she studied as a child.   Viktoria’s blossoming music career has already had her featured as one of 6 best Unsigned artists in the UK by Evo Music Rooms on Channel 4, performing at London and Milan Fashion Weeks and the music festival Lovebox.  This summer she’s released her first single and spent her weekends flying out and hosting the glamorous party Pool Disco in Ushuaia,  Ibiza.  When you dig below that glamorous surface though, you have a girl who spent most of her childhood in Latvian hospitals going through painful procedures to correct her leg; which was damaged due to doctor negligence at the time of her birth. She moved to the UK with her family at the age of 12, initially struggling to fit in and find herself in this new city.  Through her motivation to reach her goals and her positive outlook she has managed to not simply ‘fit in’ with the crowd but stand out from it.

Viktoria had her leg amputated in 2007 and has since been altering our perception of  what beauty really means and inspiring others to take control of their destiny. Viktoria has a simply innate understanding of aesthetics.  There was no team of people grooming her to become who she is before entering the music industry or styling her hair and make-up everyday.  In fact, Viktoria  can blow any make-up artist away with her talent, I’ve seen her put on false lashes in the dark without a mirror and do her signature architectural hair style in about 15 mins!. She’s also become a muse to some of London’s leading fashion designers because her style is so distinguished and wholly her own.  Add to that a voice that can send chills down your spine and that my friends is why Viktoria is special.

I briefly caught up with her to get the details on her latest adventures:                                   

Qitae: What inspires you in life?
Viktoria Modesta: My inspiration in life is ‘to reach your potential no matter what you’re doing’.

Q: With all the hype and mega acts performing at the Paralympic Closing Ceremony it’s bound to be a spectacle, is there anything you can disclose?
VMI’m absolutely excited about the Paralympics. The show is a secret but I can say that it really excels on a creative level.

Q: What exciting things are in the works for Viktoria Modesta that we should keep an eye on?
Things to look out  for apart from the Paralympic Closing Ceremony performance is definitely some exciting music releases this year with Adamski + solo work and many surprise things that are still under wraps. Tune into  www.viktoriamodesta.com for updates.

See her in tomorrow’s issue of The Times Magazine and at the Paralympics Closing Ceremony this Sunday evening.


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